Wine and Cheese
Wine Playbook

How to Conduct a Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Party Supplies

Ask six people to each bring two bottles of one of the wines you have selected (six for tasting, six for dinner). You provide:

How to Set It Up

Set one large table with a white tablecloth and an array of the six glasses for each taster, plus the water glasses. Provide each taster with a Scorecard and Wine Scoring Guide.

Locate the bread, cheese, dump bucket and a water pitcher near the tasters. Out of sight, open all the bottles and put them into the bags. Give each bag a letter or number designation for rating purposes.

How to Taste

Pour about two ounces of each wine into one of the six glasses for each taster. Tasters should begin by gently swirling the wine in their glass to release its aroma. Tasters will score each wine as to the five characteristics on their cards and then add this up to get a total score for each wine. The bread, crackers or cheese may be nibbled between wines. Pour excess wine into the bowl provided.

Wine Games

To make things more interesting, try adding a competitive aspect to the tasting with a contest. Let people know the types of wine before the blind tasting begins. After the tasting, but before bottles are uncovered, ask people to match the letters on the bags with the grape varietal. The one with the most correct answers wins. A second competition could be based on who can correctly guess which varietal came in #1 and #6 in the combined ratings.

Download the Scorecard and Guide

Download the PDFTo download the Scorecard and Wine Scoring Guide as a PDF file, click here.

To view the file, you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader.

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